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Cruising With The Chilbergs: The Perfect 72 Hours (BLOG)

Every once in a while it all works. Well, these past 72 hours have certainly reflected that! To summarize, the overall score so far is: Mud Puddle Rose: 1. Wahoo 0.

“The glorious gifts of the gods are not to be overlooked.”


Every once in a while it all works. Well, these past 72 hours have certainly reflected that!

On Tuesday night we were anchored off the beautiful Lynyard Cay with 20+ boats, including — the Emily Grace, a Nordhaven 46, which has been circumnavigating the world over the past 6 years.

Wow, the stories that Tom, Kim, and daughter, Emily shared over drinks and dinner aboard each of our boats was breath-taking.


Wednesday we took the dinghy two miles south to Pete’s Pub and [Bronze] Gallery. We think the best drink in the Bahamas is their “blaster”, and it did not disappoint!

Carol, the bartender, and Wellington, the manager, are super people to revisit; and it is so fun to chat with the cast of characters standing around the triangular 8’x8’x8’ bar! When’s the last time you stood at a bar with a tiki roof and a sand floor? The foundry is terrific, and we now have a small bronze turtle in our salon as a remembrance.

Myself, Wellington, and Susan.

Myself, Wellington, and Susan.

Come Thursday morning we pulled up the anchor, headed north 3 miles and anchored at Pelican Cay, just across from the spectacular snorkeling area off the reef at Sandy Cay.

After a few hours of floating over this spectacular reef, and feeling like we were in an aquarium with all the fish, we headed out North Bar Channel into the Atlantic Ocean. We paralleled Elbow Cay up toward the North Man O’ War Channel, to fish. Well, within the hour while in about 3,000 feet of water we caught a 48” wahoo!

Our freezer is now filled with 12 large fillets! This is what the Bahamas is all about … wonderful people, spectacular snorkeling and successful fishing! As I write this we are safely tied up at the Marsh Harbor Marina and visiting with several old and new friends aboard various boats.

I just have to pause, as my arms are sore from swimming over gin clear water on the reef and pulling up a wahoo over the aft rail. Homer [not Simpson] was right about the glorious gifts of the gods! Susan and I hope you enjoy these pictures that only tell a part of this wonderful adventure in this inspiring paradise.

Our 48" Wahoo caught off of Hopetown.

Our 48" Wahoo caught off of Hopetown.