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Getting The Most Out Of Bimini (July/August 2011 Issue)

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Six Ways To Enjoy Conch (Conch is the signature seafood of Bimini on every menu, perhaps because it’s said to be an aphrodisiac.):

1. Cracked (Pounded to tender and fried in batter)

2. Salad (Raw, marinated in lime, onions, and peppers)

3. Chowder (In thick stew with veggies, bacon, garlic, lime, and onions)

4. Fritters (Deep-fried with seasonings, onions, peppers, cheese—yum!)

5. Burgers (Not a Big Mac, but pounded until tender and served on bun)

6. Scorched (From shell, seasoned with hot peppers, salt, and lime for hangovers)

Local Lingo You Should Know:

1. Good Mornin’ (Everyone says it to everyone, so be polite)

2. Spillgatin’ (Serious partying: “I’m goin’ spillgatin.”)

3. Conversate (Have a conversation: “Let’s conversate.”)

4. Goblet (Glass: “Let’s have a goblet of beer.”)

5. Rake & Scrape (Local music using saws, bottles, utensils)

6. Goombay (music with goatskin drums)