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Issue Preview: Venture To The Aleutian Islands, Part 1 (VIDEO)

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January/February's cover, Venture, captures the spirit of PassageMaker in a way few others do. Spending long days at sea while exploring place not often seen or accessed by other modes of transport and in essence with long-range cruising is all about.

Owned and operated by the brain trust behind Fleming Yachts, Venture is the first Fleming 65 hull launched to the public and now sports over 50,000 miles of cruising under her decade-old keel. The Fleming's have a penchant for cruising the remote, far-off, and beautiful, and at the finger's edge of Alaska's reach lies just a place: The Aleutian Islands.

Along the way, Tony Fleming documented the Alaskan frontier in a series of YouTube video covering their trip from the Inside Passage off of Vancouver Island all the way through the Aleutian Chain. You can watch part one after the break.

For part of that journey, contributor George Sass Sr. had the privilege of tagging along. Boarding Venture just east of the Aleutians, in the fishing town of Sand Point, Sass travelled with Fleming through the Bering Sea to Unalaska's Dutch Harbor, a storied place that few private trawlers ever reach.

In the words of Sass: Best of all, the natural beauty of the Aleutians are matched by the friendliness and generosity of its people. Cruising as far as the Bering Sea, Venture once again passed the ultimate test, taking Tony Fleming and his crew on another unforgettable voyage.

Read the full story, "The Ultimate Test," on page 40 of the January/February 2016 edition of PassageMaker, on newsstands 12/20/2015. And look out for the second part of Tony Fleming's video series in next week's channels newsletter.

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