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Sequel On The ICW: When The Fourth Becomes The Third (BLOG/VIDEO)

On their way from Sag Harbor, New York, to coastal Connecticut, John and Amy endure a day-long visit from Foghorn Leghorn.

My mind is in a fog …

Day 19: Sag Harbor, New York, to Stonington, Connecticut. 28 miles, 2 blind hours.

Though to be honest, my mind is usually in a fog, so why should today be any different? Regardless, we made the dash from Sag Harbor to coastal Connecticut in order to find a good refuge for potential future weather. We’re tucked in at Dodson Boatyard, behind two breakwaters and on a good strong mooring. Plus, when we arrived this morning we fueled up, pumped out and loaded in 100 gallons of water. We’re stocked!

And to keep things par for the course, we had to arrive in a complete fog, everything shrouded in a swirl of mystery. It would have been awesome if it wasn’t so damn stressful. But awesome. But stressful.

Anyway – we’re a mere collection of miles from Sequel’s new home in Rhode Island. We’ve traveled an umpteen number of miles (don’t really know how many that is, but it’s a LOT), and we just can’t seem to make that last bit to complete the voyage. I don’t know – perhaps it’s kismet. Maybe we’re having too much fun. Regardless, we’re here. Tucked in for Arthur (Amy just pointed out that I spelled it ‘author’ – ironic), or whatever remnants Arthur has to throw at us.

All we know is that we don’t want to deal with 7- to 10-foot seas, so we’re here. Sorry Bella. But soon, we promise!

So today was all about zero visibility and the density of fog – which ironically isn’t dense at all. If you were to use our dinghy’s gas tank as a barometer for the weather we’ve been dealing with, it would have gone like this…

HOLY CRAP! The gas tank is about to explode it’s so puffed out…
OMG – WTF!? – The gas tank is so sucked in it’s permanently deformed. Looks like a Kardashian’s cheeks.
YIKES!! – Freekin’ thing is huge! Well, guess it’s a good thing the tank’s so puffed out again – it’s no longer deformed…

Point being – it was FOGGY on the run to Dodson today. As in, “I think this damn autopilot is turning us in circles but apparently it’s not” foggy. As in “I now fully believe in ghosts” foggy. It was that foggy.

We crept into the harbor in Stongington in complete blindness, with a huge anchorage to navigate, all blind. It was cool!

So our trip is almost over – but it’s not done yet. Amy’s sitting beside me watching a Facebook video of a dog who is now cancer free and getting to unwrap a huge box of toys, and she’s crying (Amy, not the dog). Life is good and we still have tomorrow to look forward to.

And we had fireworks tonight! TWICE!

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