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The Abacos Heritage

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The Abacos heritage dates back 1776 when following the American Revolution, 600 Loyalists founded Carleton, the first settlement located near what is now Treasure Cay Resort. The Abacos have seen a number of promising industries come and go. Though the early economic boom of cotton farming swelled the population, it proved to be short lived. Later attempts to establish citrus and pineapple exports also proved to be unsustainable due to the nutrient-poor soil. Boatbuilding, however, gained a strong foothold and continues to this day.

Loyalist sentiment continued to run strong in the Abacos. Often referred to as “Conky Joes,” many of the residents descended from the original settlers strongly opposed the emergence of Bahamian independence, even attempting to secede and create their own British Colony. The Bahamian Islands became an independent nation on July 10, 1973, ending hundreds of years of rule by the Spanish, Dutch, and English. There is a rich history to be explored throughout the islands.