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Another Seminar at TrawlerFest-Anacortes Sells Out; Seats for 18 Remain


The "Alaska: The Dream Trip" seminar at TrawlerFest-Anacortes is the third to have sold out after "Everything You Need To Know About Diesel Engines" and "Hands-On Boat Handling." Seats are still available for 18 other educational seminars.

Here's the list:

  • "The Great Loop For West Coast Cruisers."
  • "Boat Buyer's Survival Guide."
  • "Practical Weather."
  • "Emergencies at Sea."
  • "Anchors & Anchoring."
  • "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Tips for Night Running."
  • "Navigation: Quick & Easy."
  • "Below the Waterline: Inspecting and Maintaining the Hardware That Keeps You Afloat."
  • "Pride of Ownership (With an Eye at Resale)."
  • "Medical Preparedness for the Cruiser & Ocean Voyager."
  • "Under-Maintained Equipment Failures."
  • "Ten Deadly Things To Do in the Inside Passage and Survive To Tell About."
  • "Crossover Cruising: Looking Ahead."
  • "Balancing Maintenance Costs."
  • "The Art of Buying a Metal Boat."
  • "Apps for Cruisers."
  • "Tides & Currents."
  • "Cruising Perspectives: An Audience Q&A."

TrawlerFest runs Tuesday through Sunday, May 12-17 at the Cap Sante Marina, but the available seminars begin Wednesday and run through Sunday and the boat show portion of the event begins Thursday.

For information about TrawlerFest call our dedicated number 954.703.4789 or email us at