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Every TrawlerFest features at least one seminar that is aspirational. The presenters are a couple that caught the cruising bug, bought a boat and sailed away. At this year’s Baltimore event we feature Christopher and Alexandra Bruce with Cambridge, Mass. To Cambridge Cay (the latter a reference to an idyllic anchorage in the Bahamas).

Christopher & Alexandra Bruce

Christopher & Alexandra Bruce

The Bruces will tell the story of how they abandoned full-time careers in the New Hampshire/Boston area to become liveaboard cruisers (along with Mr. Anderson the cat). Lessons were learned and adventures were had. The message: You can do it too, and here’s how.

Their search led them to buy a Kadey Krogen 44AE, henceforth Sweet Ride, which they are taking it to Baltimore. Once the boat was delivered the learning began. Here’s what they say about their evolution from careerists to cruisers:

Learning maintenance, docking, anchoring, marine weather forecast, navigation, and living aboard a home that moves all the time, was challenging but so rewarding. Some of the lessons were learned the hard way and those you don’t forget so easily, such as entering an inlet with current opposed to the wind. Others you gently stumble upon like the quiet secluded coves in Maine. We are having the time of our life and see no end in sight, only new horizons to explore.

Topics covered include: finding a boat, managing work and cruising, heading south, weather, New York City, overnight runs, the Intracoastal Waterway, inlets, hauling out, provisioning, cruising the Bahamas and cruising Maine.


Seminars: Tuesday through Saturday, Sept. 25-29.
In-Water Boat Show: Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 27-29.
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Seminar participants enter in-water boat show free on day of seminar.)

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Sweet Ride will be at the show.

Sweet Ride will be at the show.