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All around the country people are preparing for their own regional opening days of boating season. Boats are going back in the water, repairs from last year are underway, upgrades are being arranged, and cruises are being planned. There is no better way to spend Opening Day in the Pacific Northwest than by attending TrawlerFest in Bremerton, Washington. Despite the many traditions of the start of boating season you won’t find a better place to launch your 2018 cruising season than amongst the seminars, events, and boat show that accompany the long-standing TrawlerFest tradition.

Bremerton Marina's first-class facilities and conference rooms will play host, complete with a five-day series of cruising seminars and a three boat show. With a full lineup of talented speakers and class-leading discussions on everything from diesel engine maintenance, how to take better cruising photographs, and hybrid/solar power solutions, the mix of topics caters to everyone from greenhorns to cruisers with thousands of miles under their keel.

Seminars begin on Tuesday, May 1, and go through the weekend. Check out the lineup here.

Starting on Thursday, May 3, we'll host a targeted boat show that caters specifically to those people interested in taking that next - or sometimes a first - step towards spending more time on the water. Boats typically range between 25 and 65 feet, feature single- and twin-engine configurations, and will offer a little something for nearly every budget.

To purchase tickets or register for seminars, click here.