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Two-Day Diesel Engine Seminar Reinvented for TrawlerFest-Baltimore


We at PassageMaker have always taken great pride in our TrawlerFest engine courses, but after years of an established curriculum, we felt it was time to bring our program into the 21st Century at TrawlerFest-Baltimore this September.

And accomplishing that required a team approach.

The point men for this team are both family cruisers. You may have heard of them. One is Nigel Calder, one of the most accomplished experts on marine engines and systems of our time. He is a researcher, writer and visionary.

Mention Calder to a group of cruisers, and someone in the crowd will remember how having Calder’s book Marine Diesel Engines on board saved them from some crisis engendered by mechanical failure.

Playing yin to Calder’s yang is Steve Zimmerman, owner of four boatyards in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. His business, begun 33 years ago, is solving mariner’s problems and getting them back under way. However, Zimmerman’s success in an inherently difficult enterprise is based not just on problem solving prowess but an ability to communicate with customers in a way that engenders trust.

Calder and Zimmerman will be coordinating representatives from three major engine manufacturers—Cummins, Volvo and Yanmar. They will man three stations, each with an engine, and attendees will cycle to each station to perform hands-on exercises and learn the differences among engines. Calder also will discuss gensets, Zimmerman will talk about repowering, and other industry experts will give mini-presentations on maintenance monitoring and warranty.

The program will conclude with a panel discussion and questions from the audience. The working day will then close as instructors and attendees adjourn to TrawlerFest’s own signature tavern, The Tipsy Seagull.

To enroll in the two-day course “Everything You Need To Know About Diesel Engines,” click on the events tab on the home page or follow the link below. The course will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 23-24 at Harborview Marine Center in Baltimore.

Click Here For Tickets To TrawlerFest-Baltimore And To Enroll In Classes

Standby for details about our two daylong sessions “Everything You Need To Know About Marine Electronics” and “The Bahamas and Beyond” in our next issue. Those courses happen on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at Harborview. Again you can always visit the website for an earlier look at these and the 20 two-hour seminars, ranging from the Great Loop and ICW to navigation to choosing the right vessel for your cruising style.