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Everything To Know About Your Boat's Electronics (Sailboats, Too)


If ever there was a marine electronics dream team, it would have to be Panbo blogger and PassageMaker Electronics Editor Ben Ellison and marine industry veteran (and British ex-pat) Paul Comyns of Intellian.

Even though we call this event TrawlerFest, there is nothing about this course that doesn't apply equally well to sailboats. Sailors are welcome!

Ellison and Comyns are heading up a TrawlerFest University course on electronics at TrawlerFest-Baltimore, which begins on Sept. 23. Their all-day seminar on Sept. 24 will provide an overview of what is current in trawler navigation, communications, safety and entertainment electronics. They will discuss what's currently possible and what looms in the future as well as how to make the most of older existing electronics.

While the emphasis will be on dedicated marine electronics–because they remain critical to safe and successful cruising–Ellison and Comyns will also touch on the use of tablet and smartphone apps as valuable accessories. 

They will talk about the trend toward using one system of multi-function displays that perform almost all electronics functions, though standalone gear is still available and certainly working on many boats. But a review of available MFD functions is also a review of what can be done with standalone systems.

Ellison will also discuss the latest monitoring technology and Comyns will brief attendees on the role of electronics in on-board entertainment and safety at sea.

 They'll share tips on where it's possible to save money, when it's possible to do your own installations, and how to approach the big-brand decisions. For example, it's a fact that most modern MFDs support WiFi tablet or consumer grade TVs and monitors as secondary displays. Taken together their money-saving tips could save you thousands as you outfit your boat.

As a special treat, the class will break down into small groups that will rotate for demos aboard Ellison's test boatGizmo,a 37-foot Duffy with multiple sounders, radars, MFDs, etc. at the end of the day the class will retire to TrawlerFest's in-house pub, The Tipsy Seagull, for an opportunity for more discussion.

To enroll in "Everything You Need To Know About Marine Electronics To Make Decisions And Save Money," click on the events tab on the home page or follow the registration button above. The course will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at Harborview Marine Center in Baltimore.

 Gizmo, Ben Ellison's test boat, is coming to TrawlerFest-Baltimore. She's a 37-foot Duffy.

Gizmo, Ben Ellison's test boat, is coming to TrawlerFest-Baltimore. She's a 37-foot Duffy.