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Florida TrawlerFest Seminar Features Live 'Sketchathon' To Design One Lucky Attendee's Dreamboat


One attendees of the “Building or Buying Custom Boats” seminar at TrawlerFest-Riviera Beach will leave the class with a drawing of his or her dreamboat by Steve Seaton, yacht designer extraordinaire and amazing sketch artist. The drawing here was done for a client on a restaurant tablecloth, for example.

Seaton has been designing trawlers for nearly 40 years, many of which were built of metal. As a surveyor specializing in metal construction and editor of Metal Boat Quarterly, Dylan Bailey is a leading authority on steel and aluminum boatbuilding.

Seaton and Bailey will discuss the many advantages to of custom construction in metal, including the ability to survive most groundings and collisions, as well as the downsides. They will also offer advice about how to buy a used metal boat, which can be tricky because quality of construction varies widely in the marketplace.

During the presentation, an attendee will be selected to sit beside Seaton as he takes pen to paper to bring that person’s dreamboat to life in front of the class. Sunday, Jan. 31, 8:30 am-12:30 pm


The TrawlerFest boat show and seminar series happens at the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina Tuesday through Sunday, Jan. 26-31. The boat show runs Thursday through Sunday, Jan. 28-31, and includes booths displaying marine products and services. For information about TrawlerFest-Riviera Beach, call 954.703.4789 or send an email to

The best value is to purchase a VIP pass which allows entry into any and all of the seminars (except the diesel and “Hands-On Boat Handling” seminars) for a set price, which also includes admission to the show and evening social events. For example, you could attend three of the four seminars mentioned above (two conflict) as well as have a choice of several others over the six-day event.