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Funny Moment During TrawlerFest Engine Seminar (Video)

In case anyone in the Northeast is wondering what it will be like to take a seminar at the International Cruising Boat Expo, watch this video from our most recent TrawlerFest and see if it captures an essential truth about couples cruising.

The context of this video is simple. At TrawlerFest in Anacortes, the Diesel Engine seminar featured a simulator designed to troubleshoot failures in a boat's electrical system. In this case, the starter would not crank.

A volunteer from the audience is using the meter at the simulator, while a live video of his actions is being projected onto the screen for the entire class. On the left side of the screen an instructor holds up the multi-meter readout so the class can see the results of the volunteer's probing.

Typically on a boat, this troubleshooting procedure would involve one partner at the key switch or button while another used a multi-meter in the engine room. In this case the audience speculated that it was wife above and husband below, and that's when the spontaneous roleplaying began.

An electrical troubleshooting session could be pretty boring, but by now a certain amount of chemistry had developed between the attendees and presenters Nigel Calder (most off camera in this video) and Steve Zimmerman.

The equivalent course at the International Cruising Boat Expo at Essex, Connecticut, is our two-day "Troubleshooting Systems and Diesel Engines," presented by Zimmerman in partnership with Bell Power, a John Deere dealership headquartered in Essex. Feedback from evaluation forms showed almost universal satisfaction with the Anacortes seminar, particularly the hands-on engine sessions.

 Click here to learn more about the Essex seminar or to sign up to attend on June 2-3.

Click here to learn more about the Essex seminar or to sign up to attend on June 2-3.

Cruising Boat Expo, an event in the tradition of PassageMaker magazine’s TrawlerFest series,will be held June 2-7, at Brewer Essex Island Marina. Emory's seminar goes all morning on Wednesday, June 3, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

(The boat show part of the Expo, which will features dozens of new and used power cruisers and sailboats runs Thursday, June 4, through Sunday.)

For information about the International Cruising Boat Expo call 954.703.4789 or email us at