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With concealed-carry reciprocity before Congress and looting in the hurricane-torn Caribbean, the TrawlerFest-Florida “Guns & Government” seminar is more topical than ever. Presented on March 8 by maritime lawyers Todd Lochner and Greg Singer, the seminar does advocate for or against guns aboard cruising boats. It’s a strictly factual description of the legal landscape as it applies to onboard gun ownership.

"Guns" is one of more than 30 seminars for cruisers, whether under sail or power, at the TrawlerFest in Stuart.

Attorney Todd Lochner

Attorney Todd Lochner

Anyone who cruises the East Coast between Canada and down through the Caribbean will pass through multiple jurisdictions whose gun laws vary wildly. What is legal in Georgia might very well result in serious legal consequences in Massachusetts or Puerto Rico. This seminar identifies the places that can cause problems for even the most conscientious armed cruiser.

Attendees will receive a bridge card-style hand-out, which breaks down the differences in laws in an easy to understand format.


“Guns & Government” is part of the TrawlerFest VIP package, along with every other seminar except the diesel course and “Boat Handling on the Water.” Being a four- or six-day VIP gives you access their choice of attending any seminar (except the Diesel engine and on-the-water boat handling course). The cost is $399 for a four-day VIP pass and $499 for the six-day pass. Visit our ticketing site and do some math. You'll see how being a VIP maximizes your seminar buying power.

SEMINARS: Tuesday-Sunday, March 6–11, 2018

IN-WATER BOAT SHOW: Thursday-Sunday, March 8–11, 2018

LOCATION: Hutchinson Island Marriot Resort and Marina, 555 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

QUESTIONS? Contact Jennifer at or (954) 761-7073.