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Baltimore stands at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, a playground for tens of thousands of sailboats, and nearby Annapolis proclaims itself the “Sailing Capital of the World.” Baltimore is also ground zero for TrawlerFest, Sept. 25-29. So why is this good news for Bay sailors?

Easy peasy. The TrawlerFest seminar series teaches attendees cruising skills, which are pretty much the same regardless of one’s propulsion preference. First aid, anchoring, diesel engines, weather, the ICW, solar panels and batteries—these topics apply equally to sail and power craft. Check out our course offerings.

Then there’s that ticking clock thing: An estimated three-quarters of all trawler cruisers once owned a sailboat. Yep, those ex-sailors like to joke à la “Star Wars” that they have gone over to the “Dark Side.” Well we have some jokes too: When does a sailor switch to power? (Second wife, first major medical procedure.) What’s the difference between cruising under power and cruising under sail? (The sailboat only motors 90 percent of the time.)

All this is by way of saying that maybe you ragbaggers should come for the education and Happy Hour, but stay for a look at the dozens of cruising powerboats that will be on the docks for our boatshow. Because, Luke, you never know when the Dark Side will beckon.


Seminars: Tuesday through Saturday, Sept. 25-29.
In-Water Boat Show: Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 27-29.
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Seminar participants enter in-water boat show free on day of seminar.)

Questions? Contact Jennifer at or (954) 761-7073.

Interested in being an Exhibitor or Sponsor? Contact Ryan Davidson (954) 328-7573 or


Every seminar except the diesel course, "Practical Marine Weather" and “Boat Handling on the Water” are part of our VIP package. Being a four- or five-day VIP gives attendees access to their choice of 24 other seminars. The cost is $449 for a four-day VIP pass and $549 for the five-day pass. Visit our ticketing site and do some math. You'll see how being a VIP maximizes your seminar buying power. 

Twenty years from now--we'll wait.

Twenty years from now--we'll wait.