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Shhh! Gary Doesn't Know It, But VIP Passes for TrawlerFest-Anacortes Are 'Too Good A Deal'

Depending on your choices, a $399 VIP pass can buy more $1,000 worth of seminars at the next TrawlerFest, which is in Anacortes, Washington, May 17 through 21.

The best way to get the most out of TrawlerFest-Anacortes is to purchase a VIP pass. Being a VIP gives you access their choice of 24 seminars, every seminar except the Diesel engine and Hands-On Boat Handling . The cost is $399, but the seminar buying power is far greater than that, as anyone willing to go to the ticketing site and do the math will see.

The math favors people who lean toward our two-hour courses, beginning on Tuesday, May 17. For the price, you can take three seminars every day through Sunday, which purchased individually would cost more than $1,000. VIP passes also include admission to our evening social events.

(Shhh! Don't tell Gary, shown above posing with another VIP, innocent and unaware of the deal we are offering. Once our boss figures it out, he will definitely not let us offer so much for so little at future events.)

 DO THE MATH. Click here to add up the prices of the seminars that you want to attend.

DO THE MATH. Click here to add up the prices of the seminars that you want to attend.

The TrawlerFest boat show and seminar series happens at the Cap Sante Marina Tuesday through Saturday, May 17-21. The boat show runs Thursday through Saturday, May 19-21, and includes booths displaying marine products and services.

Frankly, we were surprised ourselves at how much of a good deal the VIP pass became after we increased the number of seminars early in the TrawlerFest week.

For information about TrawlerFest-Riviera Beach, call 954.703.4789 or send an email to