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This year's TrawlerFest-Florida offers three survival-at-sea seminars, which approach the topic from uniquely different directions. One focuses on the nuts and bolts of staying alive when challenges happen; the other  shares a forensic examination of the qualities shown by survivors of past disasters. The third is a straight up first-aid and medical preparedness course for cruisers.

Capt. Bob Arrington.

Capt. Bob Arrington.

Forget anything you may have seen in Robert Redford’s movie “Lost,” says Capt. Bob Arrington, presenter of "Survival at Sea." Surviving a crisis at sea happens because of preparation, the right gear, seamanship skills and a good attitude. Among the topics that  Arrington, an experienced trainer, will discuss are: heaving to, storm anchors, drogues, ditch bags and communicating with rescuers. A representative of Viking Liferafts will focus on liferafts, one of which will be deployed during class. For à la carte attendees, this seminar pairs well with “First Aid & Emergency Preparedness at Sea.” Certificate of completion.

Author Michael Tougias.

Author Michael Tougias.

We have all heard amazing stories of survival that rendered us awestruck. But too often, we don't realize that there is a wealth of information to learn from people who make it to the other side of life's most daunting challenges. New York Times Bestselling author Michael Tougias, who presents "Survival Lessons from Sea Diasters," has conducted extensive research involving people who have survived sea disasters and obstacles that most of us shudder to think about. 

Tougias shares what he has learned about decision-making under pressure from researching his four national bestsellers: “Overboard!,” “Ten Hours Until Dawn,” “Fatal Forecast,” “A Storm Too Soon” and “The Finest Hours.” Walt Disney Pictures has released the movie version of “The Finest Hours” to the big screen. He demonstrates how survivors channeled and managed their energy into proactive life-saving decisions. Practical lessons to avoid mistakes while boating are mixed with inspirational tips for handling adversity. 


“Can you help me here?” is one of the most commonly asked questions from the new cruisers we meet. The reality of it is that emergencies in remote places can have dire consequences unless you’re sufficiently prepared. The seminar is "Medical Preparedness and First Aid for Boaters. Join Daniel Nord, paramedic at DAN Boater and former director of Medical Services for DAN, for an open discussion on boater safety resources and an approach to basic medical care, including case reviews that detail the initial steps in dealing with medical emergencies in remote locations. CPR/First Aid Certificate applicable to U.S. Coast Guard Captains license.


Our suggestion to our friends from cold weather states is to include TrawlerFest-Stuart in a larger Florida vacation. Expect to hear from us about the many off-site attractions in the Stuart area.

The best way to get the most out of TrawlerFest is to purchase a VIP pass. Being a four- or six-day VIP gives you access their choice of attending any seminar except the Diesel engine and on-the-water boat handling course . The cost is $399 and $499, respectively. Visit our ticketing site and do some math. You'll see how being a VIP maximizes your seminar buying power.

SEMINARS: TUESDAY-SUNDAY, March 6–March 11, 2018



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