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All We Are Saying Is Give Steel A Chance: A Seminar For Welders


Custom boats are usually made from either wood or metal. At TrawlerFest-Bay Bridge Marina, our "Introduction to Metal Boats" seminar focuses on the design and construction of a custom boat, and the decision-making involved in such an enterprise from the buyer's perspective.

 Chuck Neville

Chuck Neville

Presenter Chuck Neville has been designing trawler yachts such as the one above for nearly 40 years, many of which were built of metal. As a surveyor specializing in metal construction and editor of Metal Boat Quarterly, Co-Presenter Dylan Bailey is a leading authority on steel and aluminum boatbuilding, and he is the son of Chesapeake Bay boatbuilder Howdy Bailey, his first employer.

Neville will focus on working with a designer to achieve the best possible results, while Bailey discusses how to identify quality construction and the role of a surveyor in buying a used metal boat.

Neville and Bailey will discuss the many advantages to metal construction, including the ability to survive most groundings and collisions and lightning strikes, as well as the downside of metal. They will also offer advice about how to buy a used metal boat, which can be tricky because quality of construction varies widely in the marketplace.

 Dylan Bailey

Dylan Bailey

The TrawlerFest boat show and seminar series happens at Bay Bridge Marina Yacht Club on Kent Island at the foot of Maryland’s magnificent Bay Bridge Tuesday through Sunday, Sept. 29-Oct. 4. The boat show runs Thursday through Sunday, Oct. 1-4, and includes booths displaying marine products and services.

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