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Pets Aboard: Sasha Lives Up to the Water Dog Reputation


Sasha the Portuguese water dog lives up to the name here, caught on camera after having fallen off the boat. When not getting wet--a preferred activity for members of this legendary breed--Sasha likes to hang with the Kadey-Krogen crowd, which is completely understandable, given that her human companions are Janet Baer and Larry Polster, the latter being vice-president at Kadey-Krogen Yachts.

Pets Aboard fans take note: In the photo below Sasha’s displays patience and discipline when faced with a couple of hunks of CHEESE during Happy Hour, secure in the knowledge that good behavior will be rewarded.

Happy Hour Anyone

Likewise, if you are among the dozens of human companions that have submitted to Pets Aboard (We are thrilled at the response.), please be as patient as Sasha. We’ve got a pile of great pictures, and we’ll get to each in time for some Friday Happy Hour in the near future on a dock near you.

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Every Friday afternoon begins Pets Aboard Weekend here at Send pictures of your dog or cat to, and we’ll put him or her in the spotlight just like we have with Sasha the Portuguese water dog. Ideally you will include the names of the human companions, the make, model and name of boat, homeport, and a paragraph that provides context for the image or describes what makes your pet special. If you’ve got the image in high-resolution, that would allow us to publish it in the magazine, or a calendar.

WE’VE GOT AN IDEA: Just maybe we will morph this feature into a contest where all of you get a chance to vote for your favorites. We are actively looking for a sponsor to provide a nice prize or two or three. Meanwhile, don’t know about you, but we just enjoy looking at the great variety of creatures that we call DOG. Cats are welcome too, though we recognize that cats can be more difficult to “catch in the act.”

Sasha relaxes aboard a Krogen 52.

Sasha relaxes aboard a Krogen 52.