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From the Pilothouse, "Great News"

Great News!

In every endeavor, there comes a time for a change. In this case, the change is both good and exciting.

It is with great pleasure that I share with all of your some exciting news. We have joined the ranks of a large publishing company, releasing us from the constraints of single-title publisher status.

To dispel any notion of Laurene, Boomer and me casting off Growler's dock lines and motoring off into the sunset, let me assure you that this is all about embracing the promise of change and newfound creativity that our new situation allows.

To put the press release nuts and bolts out in front of you, here's the deal: Trader Publishing Company acquired PassageMaker Magazine. The Norfolk, Virginia-based company publishes over 700 titles, most within the category of classified publishing. Trader Publishing is owned equally by Cox Enterprises and Landmark Communications. These corporate giants own cable TV stations, including the Weather Channel, and many publications that you already know. Trader Publishing is one big company, and the resources of this company represent a big deal for us at PMM.

As a result of this acquisition, PMM becomes the flagship of the company's new division of consumer and industry publications, which will be based in Annapolis, Maryland. And I'm certain the future is both exciting and achievable.

Beyond the simple fact of one company acquiring another, what does this mean to you and to those in the industry who support you? Well, let's say that we've lit PMM's afterburner to take us to new heights in serving the cruising under power lifestyle. The resources now behind us create a limitless potential of opportunity, from expanded events to richer editorial to an online presence not seen before. And all of this is good, tremendously useful and worthy of your involvement.

When I look at my future wish list, I'm not bold enough to think I can do it all. But I am confident that this new relationship will allow for more of these ideas to succeed than not, actualizing many of these dreams and ideas and adventures.

I have always wanted to redefine many aspects of the boat show experience, and now I'll have a chance to do something about it. I have always wanted to publish additional and special issues; now I have the opportunity to pursue that goal. I have always wanted to undertake more unique travel adventures, like the Bermuda passage on the Willard 30 with Steve D'Antonio, and now I foresee the possibility to embark on such ventures.

While much of what you see will stay the same, this really is a very new situation, and I invite you to watch it unfold. The stars are lined up just right, my bliss is charged up and I know it is time for the trawler community to develop closer, more intimate relationships that share our passion. Whether we're talking about a traditional trawler, a classic motorboat, a modern fast cruiser or a power catamaran, our cruising under power lifestyle is all about empowerment, and I aim to make that a more complete experience.

our efforts for the last 10 years have been the embodiment of my vision to tell the story- honestly, completely and with conviction. Now it's time to take this story to a new level. I plan to take your collective breath away.

Welcome to a new era of passagemaking. We're continuing the journey, and I assure you it will go beyond all you've seen, felt or experienced before. The PMM team is in place to make it happen, and the horsepower behind Trader Publishing will indeed fuel the dreams of all who wake.

To say that I'm excited is a colossal understatement. So I invite you to sit back and enjoy the voyage. Welcome to the future.

It's here, and I'm your host.

Bill Parlatore