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From The Pilothouse- Welcome to PassageMaker

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new publication, PassageMaker. We expect this magazine to become the leading source of information for all owners, designers, and builders of trawlers and displacement ocean motorboats.

PassageMaker was born of our own interest in extended cruising. We were thrilled by the voyaging and live aboard potential of trawler yachts and ocean–going motorboats. We spent many months researching, analyzing and combing the boating world for information about these boats.

What we discovered were many more avid owners of trawlers and ocean motorboats than we ever imagined. We also came across many boaters seriously planning to buy trawlers, and who were also looking for useful information about the boat alternatives, systems, and general facts about cruising coastal waters, inland waterways, and off–shore passagemaking. We enjoyed meeting and talking to all of you at the boat shows and rendezvous events.

In our search, we found there was no central place—dedicated to trawlers and ocean motorboats—for the owner and potential owner to go for information, news, and ideas. And no targeted, efficient way for designers, builders, manufacturers, and service providers to communicate to all of you owners and would–be owners.

So we created PassageMaker. Now for the first time, there is a magazine focused exclusively on the practical and technical aspects of the trawler yacht and the ocean–capable motorboat—as well as the voyaging lifestyle they afford.

We intend to showcase custom trawler yachts capable of successful cruising by couples: serious bluewater motorboats that minimize lavish accommodations in order to lower initial and operational expenses, boats built for unique purposes, such as cruising the French canal systems, rugged motorsails that offer stability and capability, as well as the rich array of production trawlers and motorboats. As long as we find boats that fit a cruising lifestyle by a small crew, we will bring to you the boats available in the world today.

We will sponsor and actively promote rendezvous and rally events, as well as other informative and worthwhile activities relating to modern cruising under power. Many of these events will be regional in scope, providing greater participation opportunities.

PassageMaker will also sponsor design competitions to develop interesting and contemporary design solutions that offer seaworthiness, efficiency, utility, comfort, and economy. Our discussions with naval architects indicate it is time to stimulate new (and traditional) thinking in the boats being built for cruising under power.

In each issue, articles will deal with selecting and outfitting a boat, equipment and system options, always written to help you get involved and knowledgeable in all areas of your boat. It is our aim to cater to the needs and interests of seasoned passagemakers as well as newly–involved trawler owners.

So welcome aboard! We hope this is the magazine you have been looking for—and we are excited to bring it to you. Our staff is eager to support the growing interest and success of the modern trawler and ocean motorboat market, and we actively invite your ideas and participation in this journey of discovery. We hope to hear from you!