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Gift Well: The Cruiser's Guide To Holiday Gifting

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Looking for some inspiration to treat the boat nut in your life this holiday season? Lucky for you (or them) there is no shortage of nautical knickknacks to help keep your soul at sea during the winter months and improve your time on the water this coming season.

Should you happen to be the boat nut in question, might we suggest circling your favorite items in red Sharpie and leaving this magazine where it will be “discovered.” Inspiration comes in many forms, as they say.

Goslings Black Seal Rum

Hailing from St. George’s, Bermuda, Gosling’s Black Seal rum is distilled using old-world techniques similar to that of cognac and grappa. The added effort yields a complex flavor featuring hints of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel, without biting down too hard on your palate. It’s the key ingredient to dark n’ stormy nirvana. Combine with lime and ginger beer in a tall, iced glass and you’ll be transported back to summer nights after a good cruise. Combine with a bow, and the gift wrapping is done for you. (pictured above)

$23. Visit:

Steiner Commander Global 7x50

Featuring 7x magnification, these binoculars are internally sealed with compressed nitrogen so they’ll function in arctic ice and island heat without ever fogging. The icing on the optical delight is a built-in compass that displays below your field of view and lights up with the touch of a button for easy viewing in all light conditions. Built big and hefty, Steiners can withstand whatever wind, rain, and the occasional drop you throw at it. A worthy addition to any helm station, but not without a cost. (pictured above)

$3,099. Visit:

Torqeedo Travel 1003 S

We may not have gotten hover boards this year, as promised in “Back To The Future,”but we do have the latest from Torqeedo to make up for it. The fully electric Torqeedo can replace the 3-horsepower petrol engine on your tender with a green option that will eventually pay for itself. Weighing in at 30 pounds, the engine stows neatly into a duffle in seconds and there is no fuel or hoses to worry about leaking belowdecks. When in use, an onboard computer keeps a constant calculation of your remaining range. After cruising, the Torqeedo can be recharged via a 12V adaptor or via a solar option. The gift of a cleaner, greener, and quieter cruise.

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$1,999. Visit:

Suunto Core Sport Watch

Sure, you’re cruising and the last thing you want to think about is the time, but the Suunto Core Sport watch is another animal altogether. The Core Sport packs a barometer, thermometer, compass, clock, small depth meter for snorkeling, and tons more, all into a casing just shy of 2 inches in diameter. A particularly attractive feature for boaters is a built-in storm alarm that self-activates should the watch record a rapid drop in air pressure over a three-hour period. Captains can also review a six-hour pressure graph to help predict when and if that storm is coming. The watch can also track time of day and knows whether to display an altimeter or barometer based on your movements. Wrapped in a waterproof seal good to 30 feet, it displays everything clearly on the customizable digital face. Available in black, white, or stainless steel and offers bands to suit nearly any fashion. A remarkable addition to your wrist that can save you from bad weather and ensure you never miss another golden sunset on the hook.


$400. Visit:

Weems & Plath Endurance 125

Salty and functional are the love potion for many boat owners, a combination Weems & Plath has captured in their Endurance line of instruments. Modeled after ship portholes and sporting vintage faces, the full line features a barometer, clock, and a comfortmeter, which tracks temperature and humidity. The housings, sold in both brass and chrome, are weatherproof and come with a lifetime warranty on both function and finish. When my family parted with our beloved downeast cruiser, my father made sure to salvage the Endurace Time & Tide clock from the saloon. Inside, outside, on a boat, or in a cubicle, the Endurance series is a welcome sight.

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$185. Visit:

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4

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What good is an adventure if you can’t rub it in your friends faces later? Built for adventure, the TG-4 improves on past models by adding some serious photo capabilities like RAW support and a fast wide-angle lens, in addition to the camera’s ability to take a beating. This warrior of a camera can shoot crisp, bright photos and high-definition video up to a depth of 50 feet and withstand a 7-foot fall. Techies will be especially attracted to the camera’s Wi-Fi, which allows users to nearly instantly upload and share adventures with their adoring fans. In the sea of cameras that offer capabilities at the expense of ruggedness (or vise-versa) the Olympus is a breath of fresh air.

$380. Visit:

Dead Wake

This one is for the armchair cruisers among us. Dead Wake, the most recent book from nonfiction writer Eric Larson, takes an unprecedented look into the last crossing of the Lusitania. Once the world’s fastest and most majestic ocean liner, the Lusitania fell victim to Germany’s U-boat campaign during World War I, much to the shock of the world. Her sinking has become a story that most have heard, but few actually know. Few nautical stories shaped the world in quite the same way as the last voyage of the Lusitania.


$28. Visit: www.ericlarsonbook.comor find it on amazon, ISBN: 9780804188418

Weego JS6 jumpstarter

The Weego appeared in our Paraphernautica column over the summer and continues to be one of the handiest devices tested. This model in particular, the JS6, has been used to charge phones, SLR cameras, and a laptop, sometimes simultaneously, yet it can fit into the back pocket of your jeans. Puny in size, the JS6 packs enough punch to kickstart a car, tender, or even a 2.4-litre diesel engine. Even when not in use, the Weego astounds, with the ability to hold a near-perfect charge while bleeding only 2 percent of the battery per month. This means the Weego will be ready when you need it most, and even has a built-in flashlight for when the lights go out. An ideal portable power solution for those on the go.

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$100. Visit:

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

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Beloved by culture icons since the 1950s, Ray-Ban has created a slight update to its signature Wayfarer sunglasses. The New Wayfarer casts a slightly less dramatic eye shape, while the acetate frames retain the signature characteristics and prove to be comfortable and lightweight. Available in several lens and frame colors, Ray-Ban also offers both polarized and non-polarized options. Protect your eyes and give yourself a style upgrade.

$180. Visit:

Fish Float Sphere Pendant

The now-retired Anthony Correa is no stranger to nautical beauty. For the past 46 years, his company A.G.A Correa has designed and handmade some of the finest-quality nautically inspired jewelry in its family-owned operation in Edgecomb, Maine. Now, Anthony’s son, Andy, has taken the company’s reins and continues to produce an array of bracelets, earrings, and cuff links that feature iconic knots—many of which are hand-tied—and other nautical notables. Pardon the alliteration, but perhaps the crown jewel in the Correa stable is the Fish Float Sphere Pendant, for which Correa was just awarded a jewelry design patent.

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As the legend goes, Norwegian fisherman used blown-glass spheres wrapped in rope as a fish bobber as far back as the early 1800s. Drawing from angler inspiration, the pendant features a 16-millimeter sphere of Aqua Chalcedony wrapped in an 18-karat gold chain using the same rope structure the glass floats would have used. The result is a simple, yet sophisticated, nod to nautical history. Correa also offers the fish sphere as a bracelet, earrings or necklace, but there is something sticking about the single sphere on its own. Each piece of Chalcedony will vary in color; as unique as the neck you’re decorating.

$1,650. Visit:

Goal Zero Portable Speaker

Aimed squarely at the most adventuresome audiophiles, the Rock Out 2 from Goal Zero allows you to take your favorite tunes to the most remote shores you can find. Designed to live life without ever needing a plug, the top-of-the-line version features a solar panel connected via USB. All the juice gathered from the sun feeds the onboard lithium-ion battery, providing up to 10 hours of continuous play. Everything is surrounded in a weatherproof casing, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it on the beach while you drift off to Margaritaville. Available in four colors.

$130. Visit:

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