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Laughing Buddha's Liferaft And Ditch Kit Inventory

Elliot Six-Person Inflatable Liferaft: Canister – 173 lb.; L: 39"; W: 25.5"; H: 12.25"

ISO Type I Group A Emergency Pack (<24 Hr.)

Manufactured: April ’96 Last Survey: 18 March ’07

ISO I-A Equipment Packed In Raft


Red Handheld Flares, 3 Ea.

Parachute Rockets, 2 Ea.

Signal Mirror



Sea Sickness Pills, 60 Ea.

Space Blanket

Plastic Bags


PUR Handheld Watermaker

Food: 1 lb. Seven Oceans Emergency Rations, 6 Ea.

Drinking Water Sachets, 500 ml, 6 Ea.

Drinking Cup


Sea Anchor w/50' Line

Rescue Quoit w/Line

Raft Repair Kit


Sponges, 2 Ea.


Paddles, 1 Set

Flashlight w/2 D-Cell Batteries

Light L-20(A) w/100" Lead

Floating Knife

Survival Instructions

Equipment Packed In Ditch Kit


Orange Floating Smoke, 1 Ea.

Red Handheld Flares, 2 Ea.

Red Parachute Rockets, 2 Ea.

Gun w/12-Gauge White Meteor Flares

Personal Marker Lights, 2 Ea.

Signal Mirror

Signal Horn

Sea Dye Markers, 2 Ea.

International Orange Signal Panel


First Aid Instructions

Paracetamol Tabs 500 mg, 64 Ea.*

Amoxicillin Caps 500 mg, 23 Ea.*

Stugeron Forte Tabs 75 mg, 19 Ea.*

Lip Balm

Toothbrushes, 2 Ea.

Safety Scissors, Safety Pins

Compress Bandages, 8 Ea.

Wound Dressings, 6 Ea.

Burn Dressings, 4 Ea.

Paraffin Gauze Dressings, 6 Ea.

Waterproof Band-Aids

Triangular Bandages, 4 Ea.

Space Blankets, 4 Ea.


Cetrimide Cream 50 g, 2 Ea.

Plastic Bag w/Adhesive Tie

Irrigation Syringe

Gastrolyte Oral Powder, 2 Ea.*


Rain Catcher

Collapsible Water Jug

Fishing Line

Calumet Sticks 4.5 mm, 16 Ea.

Cutting Board

Can/Bottle Opener

Waterproof Fire Starter


Robertson's Sea Survival Manual

Knife w/Marlinespike

Knife w/Screwdriver

Needle-Nose Pliers

Floating Knife

Waxed Twine w/Needles

Hose Clamps, 3 Ea.

Duct Tape

Flashlight w/6 D-Cell Batteries*

Sponges, 2 Ea.


Laminated Pilot Chart

Scout Compass

Dividers and Compass



Thermal Protection Aids, 2 Ea.

Saltwater-Activated Lights

Towels, 3 Ea.

Sunglasses and Reading Glasses, 2 Ea.

Brimmed Hats, 2 Ea.

Copies of Passports and Documents*


Insurance Co. Phone Numbers*

Stuff To Grab From Boat

SAT2 406 EPIRB and Handheld GPS

Travel Wallet w/Passports*

Ship's Log

Flotation Devices

5-Gallon Water Jugs 2/3 Full, 2 Ea.*

Warm Clothes/Shoes


* Add to annual maintenance checklist.