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Boaters University is offering new low pricing for all its courses, and added a new option: One price buys an all-inclusive pass good through 2019. For $399 you can have access to all six courses.

Marine Diesel Maintenance & Troubleshooting

The diesel engine is the beating heart of your vessel, whether you cruise under power or sail. This course, with instructor Steve Zimmerman, looks at the most common propulsion failure points and how to prevent them and, if necessary, how diagnose the problem to make repairs, even emergency repairs. New price: $299. 

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Safety & Rescue at Sea

The goal of “Safety and Rescue at Sea” is to prepare captains to be as safe as possible when heading offshore. To be sure, there are plenty of specific tips, but the real value of the course is the philosophy of safety and risk that it imparts. Mario Vittone doesn’t just teach what to think about safety but how to think about it and how to parse risk. This is a course for novices and experienced skippers alike. New price: $250. 

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New! Weather 101, Basics

This course, with veteran marine forecaster Chris Parker, is designed for ambitious cruisers. The curriculum provides the foundations for a sequel, "Weather 202, Advanced,"coming soon. Together these courses will enable you to evaluate on forecasts received from afar and even craft your own forecasts. Introductory price: $275. 

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Fundamentals of Seamanship: Navigation Rules

This course is an in-depth examination of the rules of boating. Instructor Robert Reeder, will review each rule in detail, citing both inland and international distinctions, and teaching the safe operation of both recreational and commercial vessels in US and International waters. These concepts are essential knowledge for the smallest dinghy to the biggest superyacht. 

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Anglers Bootcamp

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the basic components necessary to become successful as a saltwater angler. Students will learn about all of the various types of equipment, what they do and how they work, and ways in which they can utilize these tools in their own fishing adventures. New price: $150

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Boat Handling

For many of us, the most stressful part of boating is docking, especially if the dock in question is near the deck of a waterfront restaurant. This course is for new boaters and boat buyers who want to learn the principles of close-quarters maneuvering and how to safely get on and off a dock. New price: $95.

Register here, use the promotional code: PASSAGEMAKER for 20% off.