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News & Notes (September 2011 Issue)

Celebrating those who keep our waters safe

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the annual Coast Guard Foundation tribute held in Washington, D.C., and I was so pleased to be invited again this summer for the seventh annual event.

Inside the beautifully decorated National Building Museum in the heart of Washington D.C., our service men and women from all branches of the military come together to share in the mission of the Coast Guard Foundation, which supports vital projects and programs that improve the lives and performance of Coast Guard members and their families, as well as Coast Guard Academy cadets. As we cruise out on the waters in our pleasure boats, let’s make sure to remember the heroic efforts and bravery of the members of our Coast Guard who help make our experience pleasurable and safe. To see a video of the Coast Guard’s continuing service and efforts, visit: Semper Paratus. —C.A.

EPA-Compliant phasor marine gensets

Over the past decade, Next Gen has developed a reputation for distributing and manufacturing top-tier, ultra-compact generators. The company has a keen eye for high-end components to incorporate into their products, which is why Next Gen is now offering Phasor Marine, EPA Tier 3- and Tier 4-compliant 5-99 kW models.

These gensets utilize both Kubota and John Deere engines, which are compact and internationally recognized as leaders in durability. This lineup is easily tailored for many applications and includes such standards as safety shutdown systems in the event of low oil pressure or high coolant temperature, solid state ±1 percent voltage regulation, and ignition protection to ensure safe use on gasoline-powered boats.

With the perfectly tuned 1800 rpm operating speed and four-point isolation mounts, these generators stay quiet and save money, all while keeping your safety and the safety of the environment in check. Retail prices for standard Phasor Marine units start at $5,995. Contact Next Generation Power: 888.463.9879,—A.W.


Put an end to those restless nights at sea. No longer will you have to endure stuffy sleeping quarters that not even a fan can fix. The answer: Windscoop Ventilating Sail from Davis Instruments. This lightweight aerodynamically designed sail follows variable winds to funnel fresh air inside, detecting and forcing even the slightest breeze below decks, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Windscoop fits any hatch or companionway up to 4 feet wide. Setup and takedown are easy; there is nothing to install, and each Windscoop comes packed in a protective nylon storage bag. The sail retails for $55 at Contact Davis Instruments for more information at 510.732.9229 or—C.V.

Coppercoat HONORED for Eco-Friendly Paint

Coppercoat received an award for their “Eco-Friendly Marine Business” at the 2011 Asian Marine and Boating Awards in Shanghai, China. Coppercoat is a water-based epoxy, which means it is non-toxic during the application and Coppercoat claims it stays on the hull for 10-plus years without dropping chemicals and minerals into the water. For more information on Coppercoat products, visit—C.A