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GoPros and drones have changed the way people record their travels, but when you combine modern film technology with a Nordhavn 120, and a crew motivated to do some good, you get a very cool little film.

Nordhavn, known for their ocean-going, trawler-style motoryachts, held its first-ever Nordhavn Film Festival and the grand-prize-winning entry is worth watching.

The film shows the crew of the Nordhavn 120 Aurora, led by first mate Denzil Baynes, saving a dolphin and two sea turtles during a passage to Mexico. Besides doing good, what sets the short film apart is that the videography, editing and storytelling is amazingly compelling. It was all done by the boat’s crew, a competition requirement. Even the music was made by a crewmember.

Nordhavn presented Baynes and company with a $10,000 check at a Hollywood-style event at Nordhavn’s headquarters in Dana Point, California, that was attended by 200 people.

The film is worth 10 minutes of your time. Get your popcorn and a hanky. When you’re done watching, you’ll feel good. We promise.

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