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Pets Aboard: 'Best Pal' Likes Wind in Her Ears


Henna the long-haired dachshund likes to go boating with her best friend Kristen Anderson and her parents Ken and Lori Anderson. Their boat is Gin Sea, a Mainship 34 Trawler, docked in Newport, Rhode Island. 

"Our favorite spot to ride on the boat is the very front, Kristen writes. "Henna loves to check out the birds, boats, buoys and everything we pass ­ and I think she loves the feeling of wind in her ears! She is my best pal, who goes everywhere with me ­ to work each day, on road trips, and of course, on boat trips."


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So go ahead and vote. The winning dog will have a floating handheld radio from ICOM, a device well worth fetching.