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Pets Aboard: His Ancestors Sailed to Cuba


Guinness is a diverse little fellow who crews aboard Collin, a ship from Hammondsport, New York. Havanese have the sea in their blood, thought to have come to Cuba with Spanish colonists from the Canary Islands. But with a name like Guinness, you know there's a little Irish in there somewhere. Maybe that's why he adopted Ted and Debbie O'Brien as his human companions.

Ted happens to have something to do with a certain satellite communications company that some of us use for voice and data service when we're down island. Who knows? I might run into him at the Miami Boat Show.

Send pictures of your dog or cat to, and we’ll put him or her on display like Guinness. Ideally you will include the names of the human companions, the make, model and name of boat, homeport, and a paragraph that provides context for the image or describes what makes your pet special. If you’ve got the image in high-resolution, that would allow us to publish it in the magazine, or a calendar…We just don’t know where this will lead yet, but it’s fun.

Though not exactly a contest, the editors are thinking of providing some kind of material reward to anyone who sends a truly striking image. Cute counts!