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Pets Aboard: Kitty See, Doggy Do

Matai the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and his cruising mate, Smokey the cat, know who really owns the master suite aboard this Marine Trader.
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Matai, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a rescue out of North Carolina that cruises with owners Tom and Genny Wemett aboard their 44-foot Marine Trader.

"We live in Massachusetts and have our boat in Florida, currently at the Marina at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville," says Tom. "We spend about half our time living aboard in snippets of two weeks to two months. Genny, and I lost our previous dog three years ago and had waited for a while contemplating whether or not to get another. After we bought the boat we decided it was time."

Genny spent several years in Samoa serving as a member of the Peace Corps, which inspired the name Matai which is chief in Samoan. Matai also cruises with his 10-year-old feline friend, Smokey. Above the the two are pictured staking their claim to the master stateroom.


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The contest was fed from entries to weekly Pets Aboard feature. The deadline is past for Pets Aboard dogs to get into Float ‘n’ Fetch. But please keep sending us your pets to post. Those pictures will form the basis for the entries the next time we have a contest.

So go ahead and vote. The winning dog will have a floating handheld radio from ICOM, a device well worth fetching.