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Pets Aboard: 'Nautical Miles' Earns His New Nickname

Nautical Miles LORES

Miles, a rather large miniature poodle, thought he was the king of the world on my Legacy 42, Blue Sora, homeport Annapolis, Maryland. This past summer, I motored around the canals and rivers of New York and Canada.

The primary mates for the trip were my wife, Jody or our daughter, Kate with her dog Miles. This picture was taken on Miles' first day on-board. Newly outfitted in his snazzy red PFD, he eagerly awaited departure from Burlington, Vermont. We were headed to the Richelieu River and Chambly Canal Locks. "Miles crewed for two weeks, disembarking in Montreal," says Captain L. Nick Lacey. "He was particularly excited to have dodged all July 4th fireworks in the USA and felt very at home amongst the French speaking locals."

Welcome to Pets Aboard. Usually we do this Friday afternoon (or Saturday morning when we get behind), and since we have dozens of entries, it will take a while to post them all so be patient.

Send pictures of your dog or cat to, and we’ll put him or her on display like Miles. Ideally you will include the names of the human companions, the make, model and name of boat, homeport, and a paragraph that provides context for the image or describes what makes your pet special. If you’ve got the image in high-resolution, that would allow us to publish it in the magazine, or a calendar…We just don’t know where this will lead yet, but it’s fun.

Though not exactly a contest, the editors are thinking of providing some kind of material reward to anyone who sends a truly striking image. Cute counts!