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Pets Aboard: Rolo the Therapy Dog Kicks Back With 'Grand-Humans'


Rolo loves being on the boat. He is an eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who works as a reading therapy dog at the elementary school on Anna Maria Island. When he is not hanging out at school, his next favorite thing to do is to go boating. Above we see Rolo is in the Dry Tortugas begging to go swimming, The other picture shows him on his favorite perch atop the center console.


Companions Ed and Cindy Ten Haaf are actually Rolo’s “grand-humans” since Rolo hangs with their daughter. Daughter and Rolo have cruised with the Ten Haafs for years, but now she has now gone off to college.

“Our hailing port is Anna Maria Island on the Gulf side of Florida on Tampa Bay. Rolo cruises on our Kadey Krogen 52 and fishes on the 32 Yellowfin but his most favorite thing to do is just be wherever his family is that's what makes him so flippin' special not to mention cute,” say the Ten Haffs.

Welcome to Pets Aboard. Usually we do this Friday afternoon (or Saturday morning when we get behind), and since we have dozens of entries, it will take a while to post them all so be patient.

Send pictures of your dog or cat to, and we’ll put him or her on display like Rolo. Ideally you will include the names of the human companions, the make, model and name of boat, homeport, and a paragraph that provides context for the image or describes what makes your pet special. If you’ve got the image in high-resolution, that would allow us to publish it in the magazine, or a calendar…We just don’t know where this will lead yet, but it’s fun.

Though not exactly a contest, the editors are thinking of providing some kind of material reward to anyone who sends a truly striking image. Cute counts!