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Pets Aboard: Vote for Your Favorites in Float 'n' Fetch Dog Contest Now


Maggie Mae is a lifelong boat dog having begun her life at sea at eight weeks. Now she's 12 and enjoys a nice sleep on the catwalks. Her boat is a 1983 Chris Craft Catalina named Rosie Butts, which hails from Milburn, New Jersey, and her captain is Steve Suskauer.

 Click on the image to vote for your favorites pooches.

Click on the image to vote for your favorites pooches.

Forget the midterm congressional elections and the governors' races. We've got an election in which every candidate is faithful, honest and loving. You'd wish the people races offered the same quality of choice.

Our Float 'n' Fetch contest is now under way and you can vote for your favorites by clicking on the logo below. You can vote once per day for however many dogs you choose. In December the editor's will narrow the top vote-getters to three winners.

The contest was fed from entries to weekly Pets Aboard feature. The deadline is past for Pets Aboard dogs to get into Float 'n' Fetch. But please keep sending us your pets to post. Those pictures will form the basis for the entries the next time we have a contest.

So go ahead and vote. The winning dog will have a floating handheld radio from ICOM, a device well worth fetching.