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Social Distancing Survival Kit

Over the course of a few weeks, the world as we know it changed dramatically. It’s the first time any of us has experienced a pandemic to this extent, and by now, every one of us has been affected by the coronavirus in some way. We’re all in this together. 

At Passagemaker, our promise always has been to deliver the best of the trawler lifestyle to you, our readers. With most of us now sitting at home in isolation—or better, sitting on boats and riding this thing out with a margarita in hand—with these new challenges, we see an opportunity to raise the bar on that promise. To that end, we give you the Passagemaker Social Distancing Survival Kit—a smorgasbord of specially curated content designed to get your mind off of Covid 19 and back on the great cruising life afloat. Here, you can expect to find a rich mix of gorgeous destinations, great maritime reads, tips from the pros and culinary delights. We aim to inspire, and we hope you enjoy.