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Wondering what your personality type is? You can take a free quiz online at, pay to take the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at, or, for fun, take our cruising version of the test right here.

For each question, choose the answer that sounds most like you. Each answer comes with a letter code. Write down the letters for each answer to unlock your personality type. Repeat with your companion to usher in a new era of understanding in your cruising relationship


1. Stuck at a marina waiting out a northerly blow, I am…

E  ...enjoying docktails with new cruising buddies
I  ...taking advantage of Wi-Fi to catch up on a Netflix show

2. When a new neighbor arrives at a slip, I…

S  ...ask lots of questions about his vessel. I want to know the nitty-gritty details about engine make, cruising speed, fuel capacity and more
N  ...muse about what compelled the owner and his crew to explore the seas

3. My buddy boat is heading out in rough weather, I…

T  ...stay put. I’d rather cruise comfortably, even if it upsets my friend
F  ...go along. I’d rather not rock the boat, so to say

4. Exploring a new port, I…

J  ...research amenities, restaurants and sightseeing activities ahead of time
P  ...venture out without a plan, discovering spots along the way

5. Anchored in a pristine cove, I am…

I  ...holed up reading in my cabin
E  ...chatting on a stern over a sundowner

6. While not underway, I keep myself busy with…

N  ...interests that soothe my creative soul, such as painting, writing, daydreaming about foreign ports, or reading fiction and poetry
S  ...activities that flex my concentration and focus, such as knitting, puzzles, mechanical repairs, itinerary planning or reading technical articles

7. My spouse is in a terrible mood. I…

F  ...comfort her with a cold beer or a back rub
T  ...try to identify the root cause of her discontent so I can remedy it

8. Let’s talk cruising plans. My itinerary is…

P  ...drawn in sand at low tide
...well researched and scheduled

9. When it comes to boat cards, I…

E  ...collect them all. I want to keep in touch with everyone
I them seldomly and only with cruisers when I deeply connect

10. I hired my friend’s relative to wax my boat. He did a shoddy job. I…

...confront the worker directly. I expect a certain level of workmanship
 ...let it slide. I don’t want to offend anyone

11. In the galley, I’m…

S  ...following a recipe’s instructions step-by-step
N  ...making up the recipe as I go

12. When it comes to provisioning, I…

 ...create organized grocery lists and detailed spreadsheets to manage pantry stores out farmers markets and local ingredients



Out of the following letter pairs, determine which letter you scored more of: E or I; S or N; F or T; J or P.

The four-letter code unlocks your personality type from one of the 16 below.  

ESTP: The Circumnavigator. Bold and risk-taking, you seek nothing less than global domination, or in the case of cruising, global circumnavigation. You’re the type to swim with sharks and probably know how to light a campfire with a magnifying glass. Fellow cruiser Ernest Hemmingway was an ESTP.

ESTJ: The Chief Stew. You thrive on hosting friends aboard, and lucky for them, they’ll never starve or drown thanks to your superb planning. A natural cruise director, you’re an asset to any crew.

ESFJ: The Buddy Boater. You arrive in port with an entire regatta. A natural nurturer, you’re the first to aid other cruisers in need.

ESFP: The YouTube Star. Marilyn Monroe purportedly was an ESFP, as are Elton John, Adele and, if I had to guess, some of our most beloved stars of popular cruising channels. Charismatic, entertaining and fun-loving, an ESFP practically begs to be watched.

ENFJ: The Social Scuttlebutt. You win friends and influence people. You arrange sundowners and docktails. Around you, drinks are full and smiles are plastered.

ENFP: The Vagabond Explorer. A social butterfly, free spirit and lofty dreamer, it’s like you were made for a life on the seas. As the life of a party, you brighten any bow even as the sun sets.

ENTP: The Pirate. Think Jack Sparrow. You’re quick-witted, live in the moment and seize the day. You leap into adventure headfirst like an egret diving for prey, and you fear little, except being away from the sea.

ENTJ: The Captain. You dream of cruising to faraway lands, though you are pragmatic and not in any rush. You’re not afraid to make tough calls and wait for weather windows while enjoying all that a new port has to offer.

INFP: The Poetic Recluse. Content with living in your vibrant inner world, you would happily spend weeks at an anchorage without a semblance of society in sight, penning your grand opus.

INTP: The Professor. Out of the cast of Gilligan’s Island, you most relate to The Professor. Innovative and analytical, you’re constantly tinkering with your vessel’s electronics and mechanics.

INFJ: The Liveaboard. As a private perfectionist, living aboard your vessel allows you to bask in your own biodome of paradise away from society. It’s important to you to give back to the areas in which you cruise.

INTJ: The Single-Hander. The rarest of the 16 personalities, you are independent, decisive and intelligent. Finding that you often reach peak performance when alone, you don’t mind cruising solo.

ISTJ: The Rule Abider. “The meaning of life is to fight against disorder” is the mantra of an ISTJ. You probably radio other boats when they fail to follow The Rules of the Road.

ISTP: The Engineer. Working with your hands sparks your mind. You’re mechanically inclined and as cool in a crisis as Robert Redford in All is Lost.

ISFP: The Artist. Detail-oriented and present, you take the time to smell the roses and dip your toes in the sea. Invest in an easel and watercolors, and capture the beauty of sunsets at anchor with your natural artistic inclinations.

ISFJ: The Trawler. Resistant to change, you prefer a slow and steady approach to life. Basically, you are the human equivalent of a sturdy trawler. You keep your family safe.