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THE BOAT GUY: A Little Slice of Kingston (VIDEO)

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I’ve lived in the Northwest my entire life. Generations of my family are Seattle natives. That said, I’m still constantly in awe of where we live and the beauty that surrounds us. After all these years, with all that nature makes available to us, you’d think I would take it for granted by now. Well, you’d be quite wrong, my little friend.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the U.S, and visit amazing places in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and South America. But, as far as an overall place to live, I have seen nothing that comes close to our little piece of heaven right here in the Northwest… including the weather! On a year-round basis, I think we have the best weather on the planet. Oh, I’m sure some of you are saying, “Really? Ever been to Hawaii?” Well, yes I have, and frankly, on a 12-month basis, it gets pretty boring. I’ll take our beautiful change of seasons anytime. (Plus, I can jump on a quick flight to Hawaii when I need a “hit” of tropical weather.)

Recently, Sam and I were downtown in the Westlake Building and we decided to jump on the Ranger Tug and take a little trip to Kingston for the night. In no time at all, we were on the boat leaving Elliott Bay Marina with the Seattle skyline at our backs. And, get this, the rain stopped, the sun came out and we enjoyed a sweet, 45-minute cruise to Kingston, WA. We even saw a whale on the way!

Kingston is a quiet, friendly little town with a main street full of interesting shops and great places to enjoy a beer or glass of wine and some wonderful food. The guest moorage is inexpensive and really comfortable. When we woke in the morning, we had fresh donuts and coffee, a walk on an immaculate sandy beach and then a nice, short cruise back to Seattle, escorted home by a beautiful group of porpoises.

Don’t have a boat to take a sweet mini-vacation like this? Well, as a matter of fact, you do! It’s called the Washington State Ferry System. Or, as I call it, “The peoples’ yacht club.” Walk on the Edmonds Kingston ferry and it will take you to the same places Sam and I experienced, all for less than the price of two lattes. Enjoy a beer or glass of wine on the trip over. Tell them Chip sent you. You’ll still have to pay, but tell them anyway.

My point is that we are very lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, so take advantage of it all year long. Wear a rain coat, some proper shoes, and a hat and get out on the water. Otherwise you might as well move to Kansas or Iowa. Property is much cheaper there, but you also won’t see a whale or a group of dolphins on your commute home.