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A few days ago we published a piece by PassageMaker founder, Bill Parlatore, called “Where is Rover Now?” Bill tracked down a Nordhavn 62, Rover, that he had helped crew on an overseas passage. Today the boat has been re-christened, Infinity. He shared his stories aboard the Nordhavn and talked about what the new owners were doing on their own cruises around the Pacific.

Common among trans-oceanic cruisers as you sail the world are the friendships made at sea and in ports around the globe. Julie and Andy, owners of Infinity, hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, but have made fast friends with an Australian couple, Elayna and Riley. Elayna and Riley run a hugely popular cruising vlog called Sailing La Vagabonde. Starting out knowing little about sailing, the Australian couple set off on their Beneteau 43 sailboat, La Vagabonde. Since day one, they have documented day-to-day life onboard, producing over 100 YouTube videos while accumulating 45-million views.

Obviously, life is a little different cruising sail versus power, and after befriending Julie and Andy, Elayna and Riley documented some of the differences when they visit Infinity last fall in Rar. Take a look at the following video from Sailing La Vagabonde's YouTube Channel for their comparison. When it comes to cruising, sailors and power cruisers probably aren't that far apart, but both Elayna and Riley have their moments of "wow." aboard Infinity.  (If you want to cut right to the chase, head to 10:35)