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Submission Guidelines

PassageMaker Magazine Submission Guidelines

PassageMaker Magazine is a publication covering all aspects of trawlers and ocean motorboats, and welcomes contributions from around the world. Our lifestyle focus addresses the realities of cruising under power and passagemaking. We want balanced articles that are creative, constructive, and informational—with depth. The combination of your personal experiences with technical or informative aspects is the type of story we are interested in. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, organization, and length, and at times may work with an author to create a more complete submission. If you are not familiar with the magazine, you may want to read through a few back issues to familiarize yourself with our style and various departments.

Publication Platforms

PMM accepts articles for publication in PassageMaker Magazine, on and in Channels, our e-newsletter, which is distributed 6x per week electronically and is available on 

We reserve the right to determine the publication platform of submissions.

Rights & Payment

PMM buys All Exclusive Rights. It is important that manuscripts not be submitted to other publications at the same time. If your work has been published before, we may still be interested—but it is important that we know the details of its prior publication. It is your responsibility to ensure correctness of sources and accuracy of all material.

Payment depends on completeness of material, complexity of the article, length, how much work is required for it to be published, photos submitted and photo quality, and the ultimate use of the article (web, print, or both). 


We encourage you to contact us with story ideas as well as complete submissions. It may often be to your advantage to send in your story idea before going through the writing process. Queries should be directed to the editorial department. 


Submissions can be for either the magazine or for the Channels (E-Newsletter) and can cover any aspect of the trawler lifestyle, as long as the stories involve the reader with the joys and frustrations of your own experience. We encourage general, travel, how-to, and technical articles that embrace these boats and their systems, their crew, and the places they travel. The goal is to write an article that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Email submissions to We prefer documents in Microsoft Word format and we work with Microsoft Word and InDesign in a Mac environment.

We encourage you to include sketches, charts/maps, and photographs to enhance and/or clarify your submission.

Additional Material

Please include a short biography of the author(s), as well as a photograph for our contributor’s page. Also, be sure to include contact information for the author including a permanent address, phone number, and an email address if available. Please include a word count with your document.

Response Time

You can expect an acknowledgement of the receipt of your submission within two weeks of sending it. Please allow up to 60 days for us to either accept or return your material. 

Upon acceptance of your submission, you will receive a Passagemaker All Exclusive Rights contract via email, which you will be obligated to sign and return in order to proceed with the publication of your article. Please allow at least a year for publication and keep in mind that publication dates are never set in stone. While we have every intention of publishing an accepted submission, our editorial needs may require us to postpone publication or not to publish the article at all.

If your submission does not meet our editorial needs, we will inform you of this decision, but due to the volume of submissions we receive—unfortunately it is not possible to critique unaccepted articles.

Photography Guidelines

PMM prides itself on printing high quality photography in each issue. Having quality pictures to complement an article is an important part of the submission process.

Please try to adhere to the following PMM Photography Guidelines: Jpeg format, high resolution (minimum of 5×4 at 300dpi).


We can open a variety of file types, but jpeg and tiff files are best. Again, please identify and include complete captions and credits for each image on a caption sheet. Please do not use captions as the file name for your digital photos.

We are happy to consider your photography even if you are not submitting an article, as high quality photography and artwork is an integral part of our magazine.