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Experience the PNW's Patos Island, By Drone

This spectacular drone footage of Washington's Patos Island, submitted by Nordic Tug 34 owner Kevin Morris, will have you flying like an eagle.
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The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best cruising grounds on the planet. And avid cruiser and Passagemaker reader Kevin Morris captured some of its beauty by drone while exploring Washington's Patos Island in his Nordic Tug 34.

Launched from the top of the boat's pilothouse, Morris' drone caught riveting arial views of several Patos Island attractions as it soared through the legendary cruising grounds located midway between the southern tip of Vancouver Island and northern Washington State.


Check out Morris' YouTube channel here to see more drone footage shot from his Nordic Tug.

Patos Island is the red dot  on the map. Located right between the southern tip of Vancouver Island and Northern Washington state.

The red dot marks Patos Island on the map. 

Morris's Nordic Tug as seen from above.

Morris' Nordic Tug hangs on a mooring.