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Bathymetric Navigation: Line of Soundings Method


As contributor Robert Reeder continues his Seamanship columns on navigation in the absence of GPS, we will be producing videos to supplement to his column submissions. You’ll be able to find Robert’s original columns here, as well as the videos that accompany each article. The following video supports Robert’s second column on “Bathymetric Navigation,” a link to the article can be found here.

And here is the corresponding video:

Line of Soundings Method of Bathymetric Navigation from PassageMaker Magazine on Vimeo.

Robert Reeder, PassageMaker contributor, takes us through the method of Bathymetric Navigation he discussed in his April 2017 Seamanship column: This methodology uses recordings from your depth sounder to update your dead reckoning position. Stay tuned for Robert's second method of Bathymetric Navigation, the Contour Advanced method, coming soon!