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A Koozie For Cruising

We're stuck on this new suction-cup koozie by Toadfish Outfitters.

Toadfish Outfitters produces a bevy of inexpensive boating lifestyle tools, from crab and lobster implements to oyster shuckers and dry bags. You want a cotton T-shirt or a trucker hat with a fish embroidered on the front? They’ve got that, too.

But the latest Toadfish product to hit the scene is also the latest tech in keeping your beverage cool on hot days. Now, let’s be clear: Multiple manufacturers offer excellent insulated stainless-steel can koozies. I have one from Yeti that will keep the insides cold as long as it takes before it’s necessary to pop open the next can.

But the real revolution for this koozie is found on the bottom. A cleverly designed suction cup vacuum-seals the koozie to any hard, smooth surface so firmly that it can withstand the horizontal swipe from a stray hand, a grandkid’s sports ball, a wave, or the whipping tail of your goofy goldendoodle. If that’s not cool enough, it’s just as easy to remove the koozie from the surface of your surfboard or helm console. Simply lift straight up to release the suction and, voilà, head back to the cooler for another “Sprite.”

Included in the $28 price is a replaceable top silicone piece that acts as an adapter for the skinnier cans of your choice, such as your favorite trendy hard seltzer. But we won’t judge.