Vetus-Maxwell Tip of the Week


How To Maintain A Freshwater Tank

Here's how to restore your water tank or tanks to like-new condition, with minimal effort.


Are Two Pumps Better Than One? You Bet.

When the freshwater pump goes, your crew's sanity follows. Here's how to avoid an unpleasant dry spell.


How To Keep OBS (Old Boat Smell) In Check

The main culprit is often a grubby bilge that contains oil, oil residue, and a lot of crud. Here's what you can do.


How to Free Up a Seized Marine Fastener

Here’s a DIY technique that just might get that darn screw to turn.


Hose Clamp Smarts

Here's why spending a few hours this weekend checking all of your onboard hose clamps is a great idea.

Not all hose is created equal, and just because it’s working doesn’t mean it’s right or reliable. The hose used here, for an air conditioning raw water system, is actually designed for compressed air, calling into question its reliability in this application.

A Quick Tip on Hose Replacement

Why you should "bite the bullet" and change out all related hoses when replacing any hose-fed ancillary on board.


Why One Toolbox Aboard Is Not Enough

Multiple toolboxes, each labeled with its contents, will help you maintain DIY momentum—and your sanity.


The Importance of Book Keeping

Creating a library of owner’s manuals and other stuff has real, hands-on advantages.


How To Resize a Hole in a Deck or Bulkhead

Need to turn a small circular hole in a bulkhead, deck or other surface into a larger one? Here's a tip.


How To Keep Hull Marine Growth In Check

While not a replacement for bottom paint, Ultrasonic Antifouling systems can help keep your hull cleaner, extend paint life and improve fuel economy.


The Plumber's Snake Trick

With a "marinized" magnetized plumber’s snake, you may be surprised at what treasures come up.


DIYers: Behold the Japanese Saw

A Japanese saw may be the perfect tool for certain precision projects on board.


How To Know When To Change Your Boat's Water Hoses

A failing potable-water hose can present a sticky situation. Here's the tell.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wiper Blades

The worst time to discover your windshield wipers are shot is when you really need ’em.


How To Nix Those Pesky Drips

PEX tubing and SharkBite fittings can make leaking plumbing systems sound.


How To Bust Rust On Stainless Steel

Believe it or not, getting rid of rust on stainless steel can be both an easy and satisfying task.


Time For A Mid-Summer Tune-Up

Vibration, galvanic corrosion, calcium buildup—oh my! Why not take a few minutes this weekend and give your boat a once-over?


How To Bond Starboard To Itself Or Other Surfaces

This straightforward little product seems to robustly bond Starboard without all the complicated prep.


How To Remove Pencil-type Zinc Anodes

To heck with knives and forceps. There’s a much easier way to extract pencil-type anodes from tight spaces.

fuel cap

How To Re-Bed Your Deck Hardware For the Long Haul

Time to re-bed...again? This time, make it last. Here's how.


How To Keep A Seacock Working Freely

Next time you notice a bit of stiffness in a seacock’s valve, try this.

Fuel Tool Opener

How to Keep Your Fuel System Healthy

Avoid diesel fuel filtering system clog-ups with this handy tool.

Stainless from Sail

How to Drill Holes in Stainless Steel

Drilling stainless steel can be a hot mess. Here's a quick tip for keeping your cool.

electrical wire

How To Make Incompatible Electrical Wire Size Compatible

Large 10- to 12-gauge butt connectors? Much finer wire? Try this trick and keep right on chuggin’.


How To Fix a Common A/C Problem for Under $10

Sometimes, all your marine air conditioner needs is a couple of shots from a common dock hose.

Exhaust Temp Sensor Opener

Why You Need an Exhaust Temperature Alarm

Installing an exhaust temperature sensor and alarm can save your bacon.


How to Make Your Paint Last Longer

Two-part marine paints are finicky. Here’s how to handle them.