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Vetus-Maxwell Tip of the Week

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Is Oil Analysis That Important?

Experts say yes, and the lab report can reveal a ton about the health of your engines.

stainless steel Zimmerman

Fact of Fiction: Can Stainless Steel be a Fire Hazard?

Here's why you should never put a stainless washer between a ring terminal and a bus bar or battery terminal.


How to Update Your Boat's Refrigeration

Think ice is a Stone Age method of keeping food cold? Maybe you need to install some extra refrigeration. But first, read this.

how to bleed a diesel engine

How To Bleed A Diesel Engine

Got an airlocked engine on your hands? Here's how to fix it.


The Ultimate Impeller Hack

Attempting to re-install a rubber impeller in your engine room? First read this.

Grand Banks Fog

Quick Tips for Running in Fog

Need to press onward despite limited visibility? Here's what you need to know.


Pro Tip: How To Maintain A Working Windlass

When it comes to your windlass, what you "don’t" see is what needs the most TLC.

web-engine-coolant-how-to-keep-your-cool-recovery tank for article

The Coolant Recovery Bottle: Unsung Hero of the Engine Room

Here's how to make sure your coolant recovery bottle is properly installed and in good working order.


Pro Tip: Never Partially Assemble a Component with Loose Parts

Think you'll always remember to return later to finalize the installation? Think again.


How to Keep Your Engine Glowing

A spray can and a light touch can keep those horses looking ready for a derby.


A DIY Decalcifier for AC Units and Engines

This little DIY project will help you descale air-conditioning units or engines and save you a pile of money.


How to Paint Smooth Curves

This cool little trick works on all sorts of paint tasks where masking or varnishing tape must be applied on a curve.


Fiberglass Spider Crack Repair Done Right

Sure, there are a number of fast fixes out there for fiberglass cracks—but if you want it done right, follow these five easy steps.


A Quick Fix for Foul Fenders

Chances are your fenders are, or at some point in the future will become, a mess. Here's how to handle it.


How to Replace Windows on Your Boat

Custom windows can take the finish of your boat to the next level. Here's how to get it done.


A Modest Alternative to Marine Lumber

You'll be surprised to learn just how well this wallet-friendlier alternative holds up for some DIY jobs.


Quick Tips for Top Teak

Do you know the Golden Rule of Teak? Learn that and more in two minutes or less.


Why the "Cheater Pipe" is a DIY Boater's Best Wingman

Is a rusted nut stalling your install? Here's an easy way to get more leverage.


How To Maintain A Freshwater Tank

Here's how to restore your water tank or tanks to like-new condition, with minimal effort.


Are Two Pumps Better Than One? You Bet.

When the freshwater pump goes, your crew's sanity follows. Here's how to avoid an unpleasant dry spell.


How To Keep OBS (Old Boat Smell) In Check

The main culprit is often a grubby bilge that contains oil, oil residue, and a lot of crud. Here's what you can do.


How to Free Up a Seized Marine Fastener

Here’s a DIY technique that just might get that darn screw to turn.


Hose Clamp Smarts

Here's why spending a few hours this weekend checking all of your onboard hose clamps is a great idea.

Not all hose is created equal, and just because it’s working doesn’t mean it’s right or reliable. The hose used here, for an air conditioning raw water system, is actually designed for compressed air, calling into question its reliability in this application.

A Quick Tip on Hose Replacement

Why you should "bite the bullet" and change out all related hoses when replacing any hose-fed ancillary on board.


Why One Toolbox Aboard Is Not Enough

Multiple toolboxes, each labeled with its contents, will help you maintain DIY momentum—and your sanity.


The Importance of Book Keeping

Creating a library of owner’s manuals and other stuff has real, hands-on advantages.


How To Resize a Hole in a Deck or Bulkhead

Need to turn a small circular hole in a bulkhead, deck or other surface into a larger one? Here's a tip.