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17 Hours in Long Island Sound: A Survival Story (Video)

Hear how one man spent 17 hours fighting for his life after his kayak capsized in Long Island Sound.

Perhaps a boater's worst nightmare is ending up in the water alone. Thus begins the mental and physical battle between man and the elements, fighting time and statistics in a race where winner takes all. 

A few years ago, Long Island boater Mike Diaz won that race, but not before spending 17 hours treading water and fighting the tides of Long Island Sound after his kayak capsized. He credits his survival not on the miracle of being found by a passing boater, rather, his lifejacket. In the riveting video below, Diaz explains how it all happened and how he managed to persevere in the face of doom. 

(U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Barresi)

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