Your lifejacket, along with a strong understanding of boating safety and rescue methods could be the difference between life and death if you ever end up in the water. Which is why Boaters University developed our Safety and Rescue at Sea course with Mario Vittone, a leading expert in boating safety.
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A boater's worst nightmare is ending up in the water alone. Immediately you are fighting time and statistics in a race against death. Being alone in the water is no laughing matter.  

The video below is the story of Mike Diaz who ended up spending 17 hours in the water after his kayak capsized in Long Island Sound in October 2017. He credits his survival not on the miracle of being found by passing boaters but on his lifejacket.

Give the video a watch and hear Mike explain how it is that his lifejacket saved his life:

(U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Barresi)

In related news, this past week a crew member from the Norwegian Cruise Liner, Getaway, beat all odds after surviving for 22 hours treading water off the coast of Cuba.  The 33-year-old was ultimately spotted by passengers on another cruise ship, Carnival Cruise Line's, Glory, and subsequently rescued. The story is being hailed as a miracle. Norwegian Cruise Line and the USCG had already called off the search for the crew member the night before after covering a search area of more than 1,630 square miles.

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