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Mariners' Landmark Toppled At Lauderdale (VIDEO)


Florida Power & Light used 450 pounds of dynamite last week to demolish a power plant at Port Everglades, whose four smokestacks have served as a landmark for mariners since the 1960s.

On Tuesday, the plant was was reduced to rubble and the stacks were toppled, all caught on video.

The plant imploded in a series of 90 controlled explosions Tuesday morning, toppling four smokestacks.

FPL spokeswoman Emily Pantelides said the new power plant will be better for the environment because it will run on natural gas, using 35 percent less fuel.

"Our customers' bills are going to stay low," Pantelides said. "What we did was take down this old, inefficient plant and in its place put a clean, more fuel-efficient plant that's going to run on American-produced natural gas."