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Aspen Moves to Improve Worker Safety

PNW builder implements safe practices to keeping workers healthy amid pandemic.
Larry Graf

Larry Graf

Covid-19 has brought economies around the world to their knees with major disruptions to retail businesses, manufacturing and supply chains. Some boatbuilders have slowed or stopped production as government entities have severely restricted worker mobility. But not all businesses are simply waiting out the crisis.

In order to prepare his factory for resumption of manufacturing, Larry Graf, owner of Aspen Power Catamarans, has implemented a number of safe practices aimed at keeping workers at his Burlington, Washington, facility from contracting and spreading the virus.

Among the practices Aspen has instituted are requiring workers to wear dust masks developed by the builder’s upholstery team to prevent contamination; identifying touch points that are to be cleaned at least once a day; improving ventilation throughout the factory; filtering air from confined spaces; and increasing worker separation by creating a split shift.