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Balmar Releases MC-618 Smart Regulator and SG205 Battery Monitor

Users can now monitor the charging system in realtime and manage charging programs from their smartphones.

Balmar LLC, manufacturer of onboard DC charging systems announced the release of the MC-618 Smart Regulator and SG205 Battery Monitor. Both products work with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. 

The MC-618 upgrades Balmar’s MC-614 alternator regulator by adding communication capabilities through a connection to the SG200 family of battery monitors. This means that real-time alternator and regulator information can be displayed on either the SG200 Color Display and/or the Balmar Smartphone App. 

Balmar has also added new regulation features to the MC-618, including a “Force-to-Float” capability, cold weather protection for lithium batteries and an additional standard charging profile for Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries. 

The SG205 extends Balmar’s SG200 product family by eliminating the need for the bulkhead mounted 2-inch Color Display. The SG205 ships with a SmartShunt and Bluetooth® Gateway for users who want to view battery and regulator information solely from their smartphones. The SG205 SmartShunt is expandable if color displays or additional battery banks are added at a future date. 

Balmar SG205

Balmar SG205

“Balmar customers for years have requested we include a topside display capability with our Max Charge regulator family,” said Chris Witzgall, Balmar product manager. “With the MC-618 and SG205 working together, now boaters can see what the charging system is doing in realtime and also set up or adjust charging programs from their smartphones. All [of] this works in concert with the battery monitoring capability of SG200 technology. Now the battery charging and monitoring systems are integrated in one family of devices and displays.” 

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