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Beach Goers Rescue Stranded Great White Shark (VIDEO)

A 7-foot great white that stranded itself on a Cape Cod beach yesterday, and now swims free thanks to some fast-thinking beach visitors.
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A young, 7-foot male great white shark found itself high and dry on a Cape Cod beach yesterday.

Witness told local WFSBthat the shark became caught in an outgoing tide while while chasing seagulls on a nearby sandbar. As he writhed in the sand, beach goers tossed buckets of water over the apex predator in an effort to keep it alive long enough for officials to arrive.

"There was no way for the shark to get to where it could swim, so it just kept flapping and moving over," witness Kelly Skanell told WCVB in Boston.

Once rescuers arrived, a rope was fastened to the shark's tail to "tow" the animal from the beach and into the surf. Officials report the shark was non-responsive and was believed dead.

Reportedly, Gregory Skomal, a marine expert that assisted in the rescue, mentioned cutting the shark up for research to a colleague when the shark seemed to snap back to consciousness. Rescuers then tagged the dorsal fin and fitted the shark with a bridle in order to 'walk' the great white out to deeper waters.

Impressed by the beach goer's reaction to the shark, Skomal told the Providence Journal, “30 years ago they’d want to kill it and now they want to save it.”

According to local harbor master, Stuart Smith, nearly 40 people came to the shark's aid and assisted in the rescue.

 Fitted with a bridle, the great white was towed to deeper water and released.

Fitted with a bridle, the great white was towed to deeper water and released.