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Beneteau Expands Their Popular Swift Trawler Line

The smallest model in the line, the new Swift Trawler 30 will start at just under $300,000 and will a have reported range of 200 miles.

Boatbuilders in France since the late 1800s, Beneteau Yachts has evolved steadily and modernized its capabilities to keep up with the times. With the introduction of the Swift Trawler line in 2003, Beneteau put a brand name on a segment that was already growing—that is, trawler-ish looking boats that were not governed by displacement hull speeds.

Lightweight construction improved fuel economy, but the most significant advancement was the switch to electronic engine management and the use of common-rail engines. Exhaust emissions decreased, because electronics precisely control the fuel injection, and the secondary advantage is less carbon buildup in the combustion chambers and exhaust system. The need to run at wide open throttle to burn out the carbon no longer became as important to an engine’s longevity as it was. Beneteau may not have been the first—or the only one to do it—but they badged the fast trawler and publicized it as such. Turns out, it wasn’t such a bad idea.

This year, Beneteau adds the smallest in the series, to date. The new Swift Trawler 30 will start at just under $300,000 and will a have reported range of 200 miles on her tankage of 190 gallons. Her light displacement—a bit over 12,000 pounds—contributes to thisrange.Other specs: 11-foot, 7-inch beam and an overall length of 32-feet, 9-inches.

Like other boats in this size range, the Swift Trawler 30 has the option for single or double-stateroom layouts, as well as a convertible saloon sofa that can sleep an additional two guests. The new model made her U.S. debut at Yachts Miami Beach (formerly the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show), on Collins Avenue earlier this month.