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Bimini Cruisers Warned About New Ocean Pier and 'Superfast Ferry' (Video)


Resorts World Bimini has completed construction of a 1,000-foot ocean pier near its resort, which enables guests on a ferry from Florida to disembark directly onto North Bimini Island. The Superfast Ferry has begun making runs from Miami and Fort Lauderdale six days a week.

The Explorer Chart people, writing in their Bahamas Chatter blog, have warned cruisers to stay clear of the pier.

The Superfast—a 13-year-old cruise ship with a top speed of 30 knots—began sailing from Miami to Bimini just over a year ago after the Genting Group bought the former Bimini Bay Resort, built a casino and started work on a 305-room marina hotel, to be completed this fall.


Genting has been tendering passengers from the ferry to the bay side of the island. Now guests will disembark directly from the ferry onto land and be able to spend five to six hours on the island, Genting says. Although some passengers stay on the island overnight, a large majority are daytrippers on the ferry, which leaves Miami at 9 a.m. and returns around 7 p.m. Tickets start at $50.

Although construction of the dock was approved by the Bahamian government, opponents complained it would damage coral and other facets of the underwater environment.