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The information is still slow to emerge from the Caribbean islands that Hurricane Irma has already bowled over. The wreckage left in Irma's wake is unfathomable and current efforts are focused on providing basic necessities for the thousands of displaced peoples on the many islands. 

Voluntary evacuation from Barbuda

Voluntary evacuation from Barbuda

On the island of Barbuda, where 90% of homes and buildings were destroyed by Hurricane Irma, the government is organizing and encouraging a voluntary evacuation. As Hurricane Jose builds in the Mid Atlantic, it looks poised to take a similar track to Irma meaning many of the islands that Irma battered may be in for another strong hurricane as soon as this coming weekend. 

But while most efforts are currently focused on emergency efforts in the Caribbean islands, some images are emerging of the damage to boats and marinas, mostly in the British Virgin Islands. Below is a photo gallery of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma to Nanny Cay's Marina and Boatyard, all of these photos were found in the BVI Abroad - Hurricane Irma  Facebook Group and photo credits have been given as best available.