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A video has been making its way around the social media circuit lately, maybe you've seen it? It's called "Small sailing dinghy hit by Tall Ship." The YouTube description credits it to the Travemünder Woche in Germany. The Travemünder Woche is the second largest sailing race week in Germany and focuses on youth sailing. Based on the video date we can presume this is from the 2016 Travëmunder Woche.

The Travemünder Woche happens in the seaside resort town of the same name, located on the Bay of Lübeck in the Baltic Sea. The regatta has various classes including dinghy, keelboat, and multihull racing. As Germany's second largest race week, it attracts both youth and adult competitors.

In the video you see that the RS Aero dinghy in question seems to have fallen a bit behind in a light wind race as the tall ship Mare Frisium makes its way through the harbor. Luckily it looks like no one was hurt in the collision as the sailor makes the correct decision to abandon ship.