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Video: Huge Wave Splits Cargo Ship In Half

A bridge camera captures the moment a cargo ship is snapped in half off the coast of Turkey.

"Mayday, Mayday..."

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Onboard cameras captured the shocking moment a cargo ship was broken into two by a huge wave off of Turkey's Black Sea province of Bartin earlier this month.

Three sailors died when the Ukrainian-owned Arvin sank in heavy seas in January after the wave snapped its keel near the bow. 

Here's the video...

The Turkish Maritime Authority released the video, which also recorded crew members making a mayday call for help on the voyage between Georgia and Bulgaria. 

A search operation rescued the other members of the mainly Ukrainian crew. 

A little closer to home...

Passagemaker contributor Dudley Dawson served aboard a 500-foot cargo ship during a short Merchant Marine stint. He recalls once watching the king posts moving 10-feet fore and aft toward each other as they transited a major typhoon. "Not a comforting sight," he says. His story was published in Passagemaker in 2019. You can read it HERE.